Color ↔︎ B&W Image Blocks on Hover

Color ↔︎ B&W Image Blocks on Hover


This plugin uses a small snippet of CSS code to add a hover effect that changes a single image block from either color to grayscale or grayscale to color.

Other plugins like this only show you how to apply this effect to all image blocks. This tutorial will explain how to apply the effect to a single image block. PLEASE READ THE NOTES FOR THIS PLUGIN.

Important Notes:

  • You will need the Chrome browser on Mac or PC or know how find block IDs in the code of your website. (This tutorial will show you how to find block IDs)

  • You will need the Squarespace Collection/Block Identifier Chrome extension. (There is a link to this simple tool in the tutorial)

  • This is only for the regular Inline image block style.

One purchase gives you lifetime access to a secret, password-protected page with all the instructions and code you need to implement this modification.

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