F.A.Qs & Common Concerns


I don't want anything fancy.

Presentation matters and will continue to matter in the online space. A modern website needs to have a simple, beautiful interface that is easy to use and gorgeous to look at, whether your're a yoga instructor, an attorney, or a restaurant owner.


Can I track metrics?

Analytics are included with each website and it’s easy to add Google Analytics tracking to your website. I'll also walk you through the desktop metrics module and the metrics app that lets you use any mobile device to access page views, visitor statistics, sales, and track social media so you're always informed. The app is currently available for iOS and Android devices at no extra cost.


I can do it myself.

Yes, you probably can, but it will likely not be very good (no offence). It has been my experience that people who opt to do their own sites often give up when it turns out to not be as easy as they imagined. Further, clients who chose to manage their own websites after the build ended up accidentally making blank pages, creating dead links, and letting content go out of date, making their websites frustrating and unpleasant to navigate. The only thing more unprofessional than not having a website is having one that is unappealing or outdated.


Can I Keep my Current Domain?

Of course, your domain is always yours. I'll help you set it up so that your address points at your new Squarespace website.


Is this right for me?

Squarespace is perfect for any small business owner, entrepreneur, or blogger who doesn't have a an IT team to help keep all the technical stuff up to date, but still values clean modern design. If you have a large business with complex IT requirements, databases, or lots of dynamic content, a Squarespace website is probably not the right fit for you.


Aren’t there free options?

Not really, and things are rarely as free as they first appear. Once you add in costs for hosting, domains, themes, apps, plugins, and removing third-party ads, you’re looking at a price significantly higher than “free.” Think of this as a replacement to your IT overhead. With my approach, you won’t have to whip out your credit card every time you sneeze in order to get a website with the features and security you want + control over your content.


Can’t I just have a Facebook page?

Facebook is important and can drive traffic and sales, but it’s not a substitute for a website. Facebook is akin to having a booth at a farmer’s market — lots of foot traffic but the creative freedom is limited, the signal-to-noise ratio is low, and, at the end of the day, the visitors belong to the market itself.


I don’t want my site to look like a template.

It is true that Squarespace has a tightly curated library of templates to work with. For a professional, the templates are there to act as a jumping-off point. My aim is always to create a website that is distinctly branded and uniquely yours, but maintains a familiar user experience.


You’re too expensive.

Not at all. Custom web design typically ranges from $5,000—$7,000 at the low end and some larger agencies only accept projects with budgets greater than $10,000. Squarespace allows me to be extremely competitive in the web design market.

In 2019, your website is an extension of your physical storefront and the first impression you make to the world. The type of well executed website I help you create will provide a value that is far greater than the upfront and one-time payment you'll have to make, which is often less than half of what a full web design agency would charge.