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Grip Combat Racing

GRIP is a high octane, hardcore combat racer, packing ferocious speed and armed to the teeth with heavy weapons. With its origins in the illegal street racing scene that spawned in the early 21st century GRIP serves a cocktail of cars and carnage spreading throughout the known star systems.


Thank you for everything. I just want you to know that you have been amazing!!



GRIP is a fast-paced racing game for Xbox, PS4, Nintendo and PC. The website needed to be visually high energy and interactive as it is a video game targeted at a younger consumer base. Contrabande Creative partnered with Minimist to create a clean website that gets straight to the point without a lot of unnecessary clutter to showcase this popular game and further engage its user base.

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The website is designed to inform and engage throughout. The experience is action packed right from the start with a fast-paced video landing that engages users as they scroll. A picture-heavy layout keeps visitors’ attention as they read and explore concept art. The goal was to keep users excited about the game long enough to decide whether they wanted to buy it.

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In addition to being informative and engaging. The makers of grip now have a platform to make announcements for game updates and a place to foster interest, drive sales and direct traffic to social channels. Additionally, a well-designed website like the one we created together adds a layer of legitimacy to the list of reasons to purchase and the SEO optimization required to attract new players.

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