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Squarespace Website Design Studio

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 Website Design Services

Great websites are essential.
Now they’re affordable too.

Squarespace is the cornerstone of each of the websites we create. Expertise + the power of the platform allow for the creation of a website that is distinct, beautiful and uniquely yours without looking like a template. With Squarespace’s platform, professional designers like us are empowered to create beautiful websites that go beyond the tightly curated collection of built-in templates while still being reliable and easy to maintain.


Worry-free Website

$149 / mo

Fully Managed

Unlimited Updates

Affordable Monthly fee

Cancel Anytime

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Two-week Website

from $2100

Full Ownership

Complete Control

SEO Optimized

Video Training

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 Custom Squarespace Templates

Minimist premium templates.
DIY with a twist.

An easy way to get a unique website that you can build and manage yourself.
Minimist premium websites are professionally designed sites that expand on the Squarespace template library with fresh new designs and custom CSS that provide that extra little ‘je ne sais quoi,’ and are installed for you within 48 hours so you can insert your content and be done with it.