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Insight Threat Intelligence

Insight Threat Intelligence brings intelligence and evidence to decision-making on national security issues for governments, international organizations, academics and private companies. We worked together to build a polished & professional image that sells their expertise.


Just wanted to let you know—got invited to give a talk at a conference through my website [...] It’s a massive win.

—Jessica Davis, President and Principal Consultant

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The Insight Threat Intelligence brand was built to appeal to banks, governments, international organizations (like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, etc), financial technology companies, associations, academics and think tanks, and the media.

The design direction here is corporate, modern and professional with contact as the primary call to action and a blog platform to house daily articles relating to espionage, terrorism, proliferation, and sanctions. As a private consultancy firm, it was especially important to ensure the website telegraphed a feeling of industry leadership and subject matter expertise.

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The colour palette selected for the website, matches the brand and the goals of the website. Aside from being universally favoured, blue is most associated with stability, trust, purity and vastness. Specifically, dark blue is is the shade that is associated with intelligence and emotional control.

Brown is believed to help create a wholesome feeling and a sense of seriousness, reliability and power. While brown isn’t as common in branding, when it is used its use is intentional and tells the story of the brand.