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Metatone is a boutique talent agency located in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in artist management, A&R and bookings. Minimist and Metatone partnered to create a space that showcases each of the artists in their growing roster with news, embedded playlists and booking software.


Highly recommended!!
Fantastic working experience all the way through and beyond pleased with the final result.

Will certainly be working together in the future!

—John Holt Harmon, Co-Founder/Owner & CEO, Metatone



One of Metatone's greatest assets is their ability to build artist’s brands from the ground up. With this in mind, it was clear that an artist-heavy focus was the most appropriate approach. As soon as you visit Metatone, you are greeted with a gallery of featured artists, each of which has a custom profile to showcase their music, videos and upcoming shows.

Websites for Musicians and DJs


After assessing Metatone's needs, it was clear that there would be a number of integrations with third party software required. It was also important to ensure that the structure was built in such a way that it would be easy for their team to make changes and updates as the roster changes and as the company grows.

With this in mind, the website has major content blocks such as the slideshow on the home page that is linked to a simple gallery that can be easily changed by the client. The website is designed in such a way that all text entered into new gallery items are automatically formatted the same way, every time, to maintain style continuity without any design or coding knowledge required by the client.

Websites for Music and DJs