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Minimalist Squarespace Website Design Studio

Nemorin Group

The Nemorin Group provides superior planning and tailored development decisions by using robust real estate research, strategic analysis and objective advice to help their clients bring their real estate projects to life.

Websites for Real Estate
Websites for Real Estate
Websites for Real Estate


Nemorin helps construct clean, bright and inviting residential and commercial spaces. This aesthetic was also the digital design direction meant to convey the design direction and sensibilities of their physical creations.

Primarily, the site serves as a portfolio to to showcase Nemorin Group’s previous projects.

Ample white space and clear calls to actions are used to invite people who share the same design taste to contact the Nemorin group when they’re ready to bring their own projects to life.

Websites for Real Estate
Websites for Real Estate & Construction




There is little text on the Nemorin Group website, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

The site presents each project with images laid out in a random art gallery style to separate and enhance each image.



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