Squarespace Website Design Studio


Simple, honest, transparent pricing so we can get to work on your new website right away.



You won't find many web designers who lay out their pricing upfront, so why do I do it?

Because you're going to ask anyway, and I'm not afraid to show you that I take my work seriously, I know what I'm doing, and I won't take advantage of people who happen to have deeper pockets, not to mention that this is extremely competitive pricing.

Squarespace gives designers like me the tools and back-end power to build a great website that is tailored to your business and strategically laid out with your goals in mind, really fast. The efficiencies realized with this process save us time and money.




1-2 weeks

Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want a simple, modern & attractive website. This package is excellent for new or rising brands who have content and understand the importance of investing in design.

● A fully functional website;
● Up to 7 content pages;
● Up to 2 hours of stock image search;
● Domain connections or domain transfer;
● Search Engine Optimization;
● Basic CSS Customization;
● Opening phone, Skype or Google Hangouts call;
● Closing Squarespace overview & website guide;
● Single-client, undivided attention;
● 1-2 week build.



3-4 weeks

Ideal for small businesses and service providers who want a modern, attractive website with lots of content and more advanced integrations. This package provides the tools required to automate repetitive tasks that can be handled by a website, like scheduling and reservations.

● Everything in the Express package +
● Up to 15 content pages;
● Up to 4 hours of stock image search;
● Optional "Under Construction" splash page;
● Commerce & shipping integration setup;
● Advanced CSS customization & code injections;
● Third-party integrations (Acutiy, OpenTable, etc.;
● Blog setup & optimization;
● 3-4 week build.


Optional Add-ons


Professional Headshots ● $250

Do you have a team, bio, or about page? Don't use selfies. I've partnered with amazing photographers to provide professional headshots, editing and colour correction to help you put your best foot forward. (Only available in the Ottawa-Gatineau region)

Additional Pages ● $150

Depending on your package, you have 5 or 15 pages to work with. You can add pages for an additional fee. Everything you need will be discussed before the project starts, so there are no surprises. Small text pages without intensive design or styling are included at no charge.

Domain Transfer ● $50

Connecting your new website to an existing domain name is easy and included with both packages. However, there are benefits to transferring your domain to Squarespace. I can take care of all the details for you.


These packages are right for you if:


You want it done

You've been thinking about building a new website for way too long or you've tried to do it yourself over and over again with little success.


You want control

You don't know how to update your own website and have to pay someone else to do it every time. Here, you'll be empowered to take control of your content with an easy-to-use, DIY-focused back-end.



If you're seeing a low conversion rate between visitors to your website and the number of people actually calling, it could be a symptom of an ugly site.



Websites can be more than just an online brochure. Let it help you with scheduling, sales and engagement.



Fake it 'till you make it. If you're just starting out, a beautiful website that you're proud of can make you look like expert right from the start and give you the confidence you need to succeed.



In 2019, potential clients visit your website first. Tell your story online to start making the sale before you even meet them.



Book a start date that leaves you enough time to get your content ready.

During this time, you'll come up with all your site content. Nobody knows your business as well as you do, so you have some work to do too. Text, images, taglines, customer testimonials, etc., all come from you. If you need to book a photographer or a copywriter, see what their timelines are like; we'll schedule accordingly. This is all about teamwork—building a website in two weeks is an exciting challenge.