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Launched in 2013, Return of the Jaded rapidly made a lasting impression upon the aficionados of deep, quality underground house music. A plethora of respected DJ’s have been dropping ROTJ tracks in their sets. Minimist helped him showcase his work, engage fans, receive booking & press inquiries, and sell tickets to upcoming shows all in one place.

Return of the Jaded
Return of the Jaded Logo

ROTJ came to Minimist with a simple direction—a landing page that brings together the numerous social media and music accounts he holds, and a spot to announce upcoming events.

As he gets busier in the studio concocting new original productions, the time came to partner with a professional to showcase the brand beyond Facebook & Instagram.

Mobile Mockup
Websites for DJs


A step away from the corporate world into a real showcase of personality, creativity and great music. As a minimalist designer, I always start with black and white and then consider colour later. What started out as a purely monochromatic design, quickly evolved into a brightly coloured spectacle. It's so important to get to know clients clients in a way allows their personality to shine through. I'm honoured to be a part of the evolution of this fast-growing public figure.

In less than a month, [Karl] was able to transfer my domain to a new platform and build a modern website that exceeded my expectations.
— Return of the Jaded
Websites for DJs


Behind the scenes is a robust, easy-to-use content management platform that will allow Return of the Jaded to update and change text & images. Although this is a useful tool, the website has been built to be worry-free. SoundCloud playlists, Instagram photos and upcoming show listings will update automatically by pulling content in from each platform.