Web Design Trends for 2019

In the web design business, like any tech-related business, technologies and trends move & change at an impossibly rapid rate. You’ve probably noticed many of these trends emerging already. If not, you’re going to notice them after reading this article.

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General MusingsKarl Patton
How to Create a Great Website Portfolio

A portfolio is your chance to tell a story about the successes of your clients and the benefits of hiring a professional like you to build a trustworthy brand. In this article, I’ll outline the steps necessary to help ensure that your website converts those casual looky-loos into people who identify with what you’re selling and potential clients who can’t wait to hire you.

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Business TipsKarl Patton
Squarespace: 2018 in Review

2018 was a big year for my business and Squarespace alike. We saw a tremendous number of updates and improvements to the Squarespace platform, and in this post, I’m going to walk through the most notable and useful changes that were brought forth this year.

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