Here’s What People Are Saying:

I recently completed a web design project with Minimist. What a fantastic experience. I worked with their lead designer, Karl who was amazing to work with. He took the time to understand my project needs at the very beginning of the project to ensure that he understood everything he needed to.

They provided touchpoints along the way to ensure that I was happy to everything. Karl went above and beyond the project expectations and our website turned out beautifully. The team at minimist also has a very sharp sense of design which made all the difference with our project.

I can’t recommend Minimist enough.
— Andrew Shilon, Vera Performance

Karl @ Minimist is amazing. He set up our website so quickly. It was beautiful, and he took all our input for changes and implemented them instantly. He also showed us how to edit content quickly, and has answered all questions with patience and a smile and explained things to us in a way we could understand. Thanks Karl, keep up the amazing work.
— Jess P, Swizzles Bar & Grill

Karl (Minimist) is without a doubt one of the most professional, hard-working and communicative individuals we have had the pleasure of working with at Metatone. We would highly suggest his work to anyone, brand or company looking to update or upgrade their online web presence!
— Holt Harmon, Metatone Management

Karl is an absolute beauty to work with. I had and still have ten million questions. He’s always been extremely helpful and prompt with responses. He also aced out website design and concept. 6/5 stars.
— Anthony Jenkins, Framework Music

Minimist Design has helped bring my business from 0 to 100 by bringing attention and exposure of my business to my clients through a very well designed web platform, noticeably put together with great passion. I am so grateful for the work that Minimist Design has done in helping my business flourish and for providing me with a site suited to my busines’s, my client’s, and my needs. If anyone is looking to get results for business or personal purposes and to reach a wide population of people, Minimist Design is the place to put your trust.
— Soungui Koulamallah, Soungui Fitness

I had (and continue to have) a great experience working Karl. His website design is beautiful - I get constant compliments on it! Strongly recommended.
— Jessica Davis, Insight Threat Intelligence

Minimist went beyond any expectations I have ever had for a website design company. I have been planning the launch of my photography business for more than a year now, and I did not want to design my website. I am a firm believer that your website is the main entrance to your business. It can either be a rundown entrance with a flickering neon sign that turns potential clients away or a majestic gate that welcomes all. I wanted a minimalist approach to my website for my mantra is “less is more.”.

The planning process was seamless and effortless. I loved how the contact form asked me questions I didn’t realize I needed to answer myself. I received a proposal from Karl within less than 48 hours with a detailed vision of the final design. The professionalism and quality of work from this early stage encouraged me to move forward and sign the contract. Upon sending the content, I immediately received a timeline from Karl and a set build date.

Karl finished the design before the deadline. The result was extraordinary! Karl’s unique and exceptional skills in design are visible in every little detail of my website. The design matched my vision and exceeded my expectations! The colour palette and design added flair and more value to my brand. Since I launched, I have received fantastic reviews on my website and the way it highlights my work as a creative, which is an essential aspect of any artistic online business.
I believe this is the best investment I have made for my business so far. If you are looking for elegance, professionalism, and beautiful simplicity, then I would highly recommend hiring Minimist for all your future web designs. Thank you, Karl!
— Nabil Benbouza, Visual Tales

Overall great experience! Would recommend
— Zoltan Kontes, Return of the Jaded

I completed a webpage with Karl in 2018. Karl has a clear process, his pricing is fair, and his design exceeded expectations. I recommend Karl without hesitation.
— Adam Filleul, Rekha Chagarlamudi Family Therapy