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Minimalist Squarespace Website Design Studio

Caron George

Caron George is an empathetic, open and thoughtful mediator with over 25 years of experience serving her community. We partnered to create her first online presence with the primary goal of making it easier for potential clients to connect & learn about her services.


Karl is wonderful to work with, supportive, patient & talented!!

—Caron George



Caron's brand had already been established. The design of the website was centered around making sure people in a stressful time of their lives feel that they've found an approachable and friendly resource with experience and authority.

Home Page


This project was referred to Minimist Design by d'Artois Mediation. Caron wanted a similar layout and structure with an approachable feel and information organized in a way that is easy to find, but with her own distinctive brand.

About Page


The beauty of using Squarespace for projects like this is that the website can grow with the business at an extremely low cost. Caron's primary focus is family mediation. Gradually, content will be added to include workplace mediation and additional resources to reflect the work she does.