Worry-free Website

Terms & Conditions


Privacy and Use of Information

Any information provided to Minimist Design will be used only to serve you and provide the services paid for. Information will only be used while you are a client/member of Minimist Design.

If you choose to become a member of the Worry-Free Website plan, or decide to purchase web design services we will ask for the following information to generate invoices, process payments, and provide great service and experience:

  • First and last name

  • Company name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Billing Address

  • Credit card information

Credit card information is processed by either Stripe via Squarespace or WePay via And.Co.

We will never call to ask for personal or financial information over the phone, nor will we give oor sell your information to any other party unless legally obligated


Design & Hosting

All web design and hosting services are provided in part by Squarespace. Minimist Design uses Squarespace to provide an excellent customer experience and no exceptions will be made for any reason. By proceeding to use services provided by Minimist Design, you are also agreeing to be bound by Squarespace’s terms and conditions.



A domain is your website’s address, or ‘URL.’ Domains are not included with your Worry-Free website membership plan and must be purchased separately by you.

You can get a domain from any number of providers:

You must provide Minimist with the login credentials to your domain provider so that we can point the domain to your new website. Be assured that we will never share or keep this information of file.


Copyright & Content Ownership

By allowing Minimist to create a website for you, you implicitly give us permission to use any content you provide. We do not claim ownership of any content that you provide.

It will be assumed assumed that content supplied by you is owned by you or that you have been given explicit permission to use it for personal or commercial purposes. In the event your content is not your own or causes any legal issues, you agree that any resulting consequences are your full responsibility as the provider of the content. Please ensure that any content you provide belongs to you or that the original content creator has given you provable explicit permission for use.



The Worry-Free Website is not a do-it-yourself service. We will build and manage your website for you. This means that you will not have back end access to edit, modify, or update your website's content. Allowing members to have back end access defeats the purpose of the service and takes away from the perceived value and luxury that this plan offers. To make content changes or updates to your Worry-Free Website, simply send an email to support@minimist.ca


Failed Payments

If a membership payment fails, two (2) subsequent attempts will be made to make up the payment. If the a membership payment fails a total of three (3) times, the website will be taken offline and it will be assumed that you no longer wish to continue your membership unless otherwise stated by you. We will notify you about any failed payments but it is your responsibility to ensure that billing information is kept up to date and that your account does not become delinquent.



To enrich and perfect your online experience, Minimist Design uses "Cookies", similar technologies and services provided by others to display personalized content, appropriate advertising and store your preferences on your computer. Click here to read our full privacy policy.


Membership Inclusions

The membership fee for the Worry-Free website includes the following services with no extra fees or service charges:

  • Up to 7 substantial content pages per membership;

  • One initial design concept and build (there may be additional fees associated with a full brand change or website redesign);

  • Stock photography search and placement from services that use a free-to-use Creative Commons license;

  • Photo galleries;

  • Buttons, URL links, and download links;

  • Responsive mobile design;

  • SEO best practice;

  • Social media sharing image;

  • Custom favicon


Membership Exclusions

The membership fee for the Worry-Free website does not include the following:

  • Commerce / online stores;

  • Custom coding (may be added to aid the design at our discretion);

  • Code injections or connections to third-party services or APIs;

  • Member / customer accounts.


Membership Cancellation

The Worry-Free Website is a month-to-month service. There is no contract and no obligation; cancel at any time. There are no additional fees to cancel, but you will not be given access to the website or its contents after the membership expires. To keep the website live and maintain access to its content, please request a transfer of ownership. There are additional fees for a transfer of ownership.

To cancel or transfer ownership of your Worry-Free Website membership, send a written request to hello@minimist.ca


Transfer of Ownership

If you cancel your Worry-Free Website membership but would like to obtain ownership of the website, you may request a transfer of ownership. There will be a $200 transfer of ownership fee due before the transfer is processed, plus the balance of what the website would have cost if it were paid for up front.

For example: The current minimum cost for a fully owned website is $2,200. The amount paid to Minimist throughout the length of your membership will be subtracted from the 2,200. This means that if you had been a member for 6 months and paid $954, your transfer of ownership fee would be $1,446 (2200-954+200).

This has been designed to discourage those who would take advantage of the plan by receiving a free design, then cancelling right away and requesting a transfer of ownership.

Once the website ownership is transferred to you, we will no longer take responsibility for managing your website and you will be able to manage it with your own Squarespace dashboard in the back-end. You will also be responsible for paying Squarespace’s monthly/annual membership fee.