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Black Key is a boutique catering company that prides itself on creating exceptional culinary experiences and who's owner has a passion for music as well as food. Their website needed to reflect their belief that, like music, there is also a certain beauty & luxury in food when expressed properly.



Clean, artistic and sophisticated are the words one would use to describe the image of Black Key. Chef Jamie Fine—now well-known national music star is as adept at combining interesting flavours as she is owning the stage at a large concert hall. It takes a skilled designer to match Jamie's passion and creativity and present something that adequately represents her.

 Chef Jamie Fine
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A picture is worth a thousand words. What better way to show off the beautiful work of a chef than with imagery? The design focused on giving visitors an unforgettable, dynamic viewing experience with 3D scrolling effects and stunning, full-screen imagery that put the beauty of her creations front and center.

People were in awe of Black Key’s website. It was a work of art and customers were so complimentary of how incredibly well the brand was represented online because of it.
— Jamie Fine


The Squarespace back-end made it easy for Black Key to showcase and sell its seasonal products, communicate with its customers, and quickly create blog entries to share recipes and tasting events.