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Minimalist Squarespace Website Design Studio

Rekha Chagarlamudi

Rekha Chagarlamudi is a child and family therapist who assists children, adults, couples, and families and offers a non-judgmental environment to help families build relationships and create positive change. She partnered with Minimist Design to build an online presence that highlights her and her work without distraction.


Your work is much more chic than McDonald’s, but needless to say, “I’m Love’n it.”

I love collaborating with you, Karl. You have found your calling.

—Adam Filleul, Rekha Chagarlamudi Website Project Liaison



Rekha means “line.” Considerations for this project were to include symbols that are simple, elegant and strong with minimal distraction from the content, a black & white scheme, muted colours, and a less-is-more approach.

Websites for Therapists


Rekha came to Minimist with a simple ask — create a website that would allow more people to learn about her services with a strong belief that, ultimately, she is the brand and the product. With that in mind, the website is focused solely on her personality and experience. Rekha is already well established; the site is an avenue for new or referred clients to find answers to frequently asked questions and handle booking through its built-in scheduling app that helps her automate tasks such as payment collection and appointment confirmation.



A website can be so much more than just an electronic list of services. Phrases such as “it’ll be a really simple website,” and “we don’t need anything fancy” are included in nearly every new website inquiry.

In this case, an integrated scheduling module has made it possible for clients to book and pay for appointments online. Appointments booked through the scheduling module sync with all her other business and personal calendars so appointments are automatically created, eliminating the risk of double-bookings and other human error—an invaluable tool for a busy professional.

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