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Minimalist Squarespace Website Design Studio

d’Artois Mediation

When a client is seeking mediation and arbitration, they are likely already experiencing a stressful & daunting time in their life. Minimist Design partnered with d'Artois Mediation to create a website that was inviting & non-intimidating.


We are still getting rave reviews about the website, and I have already got new clients through it.

—Kathryn d’Artois



d’Artois Mediation Logo

Starting with a fresh brand, we were able to set the palette for the rest of the website. Stability and a solid foundation is the message inferred by the colour brown in addition to being warm and reassuring. A natural choice for this family mediation firm, paired with a subtle, action-oriented orange.

Websites for Lawyers


She wanted a website that held all the resources someone might need in addition to making people feel at ease about starting the mediation process and come armed with information before first contact. Light colours, a clean layout and plenty of white space makes the information easy to find and enjoyable to read. Leading with a simple and content-driven home page, her online presence is now professional, organized, elegant, and informative.



Though d'Artois Mediation was well established. We were able to create efficiencies that are helping to bring the business to the next level of success. The office can now advertise and accept program registrations online, rather than via mail and fax. Marketing and promotional tools built into the back-end reach a much broader population of their clientele and blogging tools let Kathryn take advantage of her new-found love for article writing.