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Framework Music

Framework Music is an organization dedicated to fostering environments in which intelligent, forward-thinking electronic dance music can be created, shared and appreciated.  They showcase some of the best local, national and international electronic music artists, both rising stars and established veteran DJs and Producers. 


THANK YOU for your wonderful gift of the framework music website. It looks great, and I really appreciate you sharing your talents.

—Rick Laplante, Framework Music

Websites for Music Artists and DJs


Framework Music has been primarily using Facebook as a means of promoting events. It was essential for this growing enterprise to find an alternative solution that would allow them to reach their full audience, develop a mailing list, and take full control of their content. Framework partnered with Minimist with the intent of creating a central platform to showcase their roster of talent & events and use social media as a secondary traffic driver.

Websites for Music and DJs


The back-end dashboard makes it simple for them to add weekly events to the website and send out email campaigns that link to those events. Their music-loving audience can now opt-in to receive all the information they need about upcoming events they’ll love, buy tickets, RSVP and automatically add events to their calendars.

Websites for Music and DJs