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Serious Fitness

Serious Fitness is the result of a passion for body building, fitness competitions, and helping athletes reach their fitness goals. This long-time bodybuilder and Physique competitor was often approached by friends for diet and training tips & tricks. I helped him create a better way to do that.

Serious Fitness Logo


One word: Intense.
The company is intense, the owner is intense, and everything Serious Fitness does is intense. Bodybuilding is highly competitive; strength and determination are the driving principals behind this brand.





Intense, visually stunning and inspiring imagery was the driving force behind the design direction here. Understaning the brand made it easy to select a deep red  for accents and calls to action. Red used universally to signify courage, strength, and power. Potential trainees can be sure that they'll be trained by an industry professional and experienced body builder.

Websites for Fitness


The design direction was clear right from the beginning with this project: "I don't want anything fancy." This website is pure information and function— likely one of the quickest and least complex projects ever taken on by Minimist, but the result is appealing and the client is happy.



Websites should work for you in a way that makes your life easier. Providing training information and a means to book clients was what made Anthony's life easier, so that's what we did, proving that a website can be as simple as text and a form.