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Leah Gazan

Leah has spent her career focused on supporting the advancement of human rights at local, national and international stages. Her work has centred around her deep belief that all persons require the basic human rights to allow them to fulfill their right to joy for themselves, their families, and their communities.


Awesome website!!!!!

—Leah Gazan

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Leah is regularly seen in the media and has been featured and interviewed for main news broadcasts and print media throughout Canada and the United States. The purpose of this website is to showcase Leah’s many achievements and provide a central index for her media appearances and publications so visitors can learn and engage her for public speaking and media contributions.

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Websites for Consultants & Non-Profits


This website was designed to be a repository for all of Leah’s many achievements to be showcased in one place. The back-end blog module makes it simple for her to add new stories and media appearances any time. As an extremely busy politician and human rights advocate, a system that is fast and easy to learn and use was essential.

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