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Soungui Fitness

Soungui Koulamallah is an Ottawa-based personal trainer with a passion for health and wellbeing. He motivates, inspires, and guides others toward developing healthier lifestyles; mentally, physically and spiritually.


I am so grateful for the work that Minimist Design has done to help my business flourish and for providing me with a site suited to my business, my clients, and my needs.

—Soungui Koulamallah



The company’s primary mission is to advocate for fitness and wellness as a whole. Because there wasn’t a great deal of written content to work with, we used color to communicate this message.

Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence feelings toward your brand and even induce physiological reactions. For this project, blue and yellow were selected.

Soungui is compassionate, caring, positive, out-going and sympathetic. To communicate this, yellow was selected as a highlight. Key characteristics often associated with the color yellow include warmth and energy.

Combined with the blue, the palette represents Soungui’s most important core values. Blue is chosen as a favorite color by many people and key characteristics associated with blue are sincerity, inspiration, and spirituality.

Minimal Websites for Fitness & Wellness


In addition to having an online presence that gives legitimacy to the business in the eyes of potential clients, Soungui also uses the integrated scheduling software help people book time with him.

The Acuity module is a great way to make sure that you don’t double book yourself, and makes it easy to show client when you’re available. As the business grows, more robust options that are already included such as an integrated payment gateway and multiple schedule types will ensure that the website grows with the business.

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