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Vera Performance

Vera Performance is the first 1-on-1 sports nutrition coaching service designed for female weightlifters & powerlifters by helping them reach their goals & optimize performance by managing every aspect of their nutrition.


Our website turned out beautifully. The team at Minimist has a very sharp sense of design which made all the difference with our project.

—Andrew Shilon, Vera Performance

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Above all, Vera Performance wanted their new website to be easy & intuitive to navigate and convey a lot of information easily, and be conversion oriented. Vera partnered with Minimist to create a website that is clean and modern, with splashes of a subtle color that's clearly feminine but strong with lots of white space. The navigation and page titles make it clear what each page is about and organizes the information in an intuitive way. We used a subtle splash of colour to create a unobtrusive visual break between sections and topics, and used high contrast, thin lines to create subtle but constant and clear calls to action.

Vera Performance | Sports Nutrition and Fitness Website

Clean, Minimal, Modern — these were the primary directives for this website.

The goal: to showcase Vera’s core competencies without distraction or unnecessary ornamental filigree.

Vera Performance | Sports Nutrition and Fitness Website




The Vera Performance site is largely informational, but we also incorporated a strong call-to-action in the form of timed pop-ups and incentives to encourage aspirational athletes to get in touch for more more information and start their journey towards the first-place podium.

Athletes can also use the embedded contact form to quickly reach out to a trainer, or book a call.

Vera Performance | Sports Nutrition and Fitness Call to Action
Vera Performance | Sports Nutrition and Fitness Website